Marcus Wildenstern




Edgar Wildenstern, Miriam Wildenstern

Known Siblings

Roberto Wildenstern, Nathaniel Wildenstern, Tatiana Wildenstern

Marital Status




Marcus was the oldest son of Edgar Wildenstern with Miriam Wildenstern, and apparently his oldest surviving heir not to have been exiled before his death at the beginning of Ancient Appetites. His death is devastating news for the family- not only did they lose a beloved son, brother and figure in general (being described as "uncommonly clever, witty, generous and good natured" along with being stylish and brave), but it results in Roberto, his kind, gentle younger brother with no head for or interest in the family business becoming next in line for Patriarch. Roberto and Nate had hoped that Marcus would marry quickly so that he could produce a son, taking them out of the direct line of sucession.

Marcus belived that it was his father who had killed him, but in The Wisdom of Dead Men, it turns out gerald had orchestrated his death.

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