Nathaniel Wildenstern




Edgar Wildenstern, Miriam Wildenstern


Marcus Wildenstern, Roberto Wildenstern, Tatiana Wildenstern

Marital Status

Single. Fond of Monto.



Known Children

Leopold (by Elizabeth)

Nathaniel (Nate) Wildenstern is the youngest son and third youngest child of Edgar Wildenstern with Miriam Wildenstern. At the start of the story he is eighteen years old, and had just returned from almost two years away in Africa. At the end of The Wisdom of Dead Men he is returning to it.


Nate is tall and athletically built, is tanned from being outdoors so much and is blue-eyed and blonde-haired, with a long face.


Nathaniel is adventurous and uninterested in the family's business and traditions. He refuses to meet the standard's set for him, his intellectual interests extending only to zoology. He is careless with money, being so used to their phenomonal wealth. He despises most of his family, his full siblings and his cousin Gerald being the main exceptions (and the latter not so much anymore.) He is frustrated by the damage the family's ruthless ways are doing to Roberto and Tatty. While he still dislikes Roberto's wife, Daisy, at the beginning of the series, their relationship seems to develop into a vitriolic friendship over time.

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